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Our Services

By offering an extensive range of professional services, we can reduce your need to outsource, saving you time and money. We pride ourselves on our investment in technology, ensuring our machinery is the most effective and efficient in its class.

Laser Cutting

The investment in our Laser cutting facilitiy provides our customers with a cost-effective solution for cutting a variety of metals.
From large basic profiles down to small intricate designs, our veteran laser cutting professionals are ready to take on your most demanding laser machining projects.

Out fleet of Bystronic machinery has been taylored to processing short and long run production. With automation being our biggest benefit, saving handling, materials and improving quality, accuracy and precision.

Our 6kW Bystronic flat bed laser cutters offer the following:

 3000x1500mmm cutting tables
 Standard tolerance of +/-0.2mm
 Repeatability of +/-0.1mm
 Steel and Stainless steel cutting up to 25mm thick
 Aluminium cutting up to 16mm thick
 High quality cut edge.

Common materials include:

 Stainless Steel
 Carbon Steel
 Spring/Toom Steel

Design and Programming

Modern sheet metal manufacturing is no longer imaginable without powerful software.

Our team proudly uses Solidwarks 3D CAD and Bysoft7 software, allowing us to create accurate 3D models that can be transformed into production documentation.
This allows us to complete jobs quickly, afordably and reliably.

Contact our trained drafting team to discuss your ideal product.
 Solidworks 2016
 Bysoft 7

Metal Forming and Bending

Bending is a procedure for forming flat sheet metal part.
It immediatly follows cutting in the process chain.
The part lies on the bottom tool with a v-shaped opening. A wedge-shaped tool (punch) then presses the part into the v-opening creating the desired angle.

Our two CNC Brake Presses allow for consistent and precise bending to meet all your metal forming requirements.

Computerized machines and processes will store your bent profiles assuring repeatability and consistency.
 160t 4m
 110t 3m
 Precision on individual parts, small series and complex jobs.
 Extensive range of tooling

Welding and Fabrication

Our skilled staff of seasoned professionals are capable of supplying a large range of welding options to meet your requirements confidently.

Contact our trained drafting team to discuss your ideal product.

 Stud Welding

Sandblasting and Powder Coating

With our own in-house sandblasting facility, we are in control of the whole powder coating process from start to finish with a full range of colour options.
9m x 3.6m x 3m capacity allows for larger items to be completed with ease.

Please contact one of our friendly staff to discuss your powder coating requirements or alternatively visit www.duluxpowders.com.au or http://www.interpon.com.au for detailed information about the full range of colours from industry leaders and how to specify the right choice for your application.

Other Services

The manufacturing industry is continually changing and developing into a lean and fast paced environment.
Larsen Engineering has comprehensive experiance in supply-chain demands and through this experience we have established a large subcontractor partner base.

Other services for approved customers are available on request such as galvanizing, electroplating, kitting, Kanban and assembly.

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