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What we do

What we do

Larsen engineering specialises in supply-chain manufacturing of precision components and complex assemblies to the highest possible quality to clients. not only supplying laser cutting services but value adding through advanced secondary operations

Larsen services a wide range of industries including defense, infrastructure, agribusiness, construction, cultural, general and specialised engineering throughout Australia.

The passion behind Larsen engineering and its people’s success is continual improvement and adaption in support of sustainable manufacturing. This is achieved through innovations in technology that are captured and integrated into every facet of Larsen operations. This has, in turn, allowed our customers to adopt new manufacturing techniques to better serve their industries competitively in the local and international markets.

Core business statement

To be the national benchmark in supply chain manufacturing by exceeding our customer expectations, being the local employer of choice and earning a fair return on the value we deliver. We aspire to be our customers partners in excellence.

Company values


Integrity, honesty and equality.


We will never compromise on a safe working environment.


Our dedication to quality and continual improvement must be absolute and cannot be compromised.


We take pride in personal and team achievement and strive to be the employer of choice in our local community.


Innovations in technology are the future of our industry. We seek continual improvement across all of our operations.